Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Arlington Campground

We forgot to show you a neat rest area that we stopped at on our way here.

It looks like a train.  Pretty cool for a rest area.

However, we were not happy when we saw this sign.

Our campground is really nice.  It used to be a mobile home park and was a converted to a campground.  We have a lot of shade.  We are in an upgraded site because they didn't have any of the "cheaper" sites for us.  There is one level above ours and those are the Presidential sites. They have fountains and statues.  They are pretty nice, but they don't all have yards.  The park is very quiet. We mainly just hear birds singing.

This has a bridge that goes over it.  We need to get a picture of the bridge.  It has lights that are on at night.  It's pretty.

Our site.  We have a street on one side of us, but it is not busy.

Our neighbors across the street live here full-time and have pretty yards.

I like watching the squirrels
Here I am in the front yard.  See it's pretty big!

Our patio.


Scout loves the grass!
Our greyhound spinner and our light that changes colors.  Mama loves it.

Another squirrel!
There is a Super Target within walking distance.  Mama walked there yesterday.  Today, she walked to the mall.  She didn't buy anything since it was a long walk back.  She learned yesterday that bags get heavy when you are walking.  BOL!  She walked five miles today, not counting walking us. 

Did you see Mama's review of Big Texan?  It is a restaurant in Amarillo.

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