Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pictures Of Our Campground

We really like our campground.  We would like it better if there was a dog run, but we have a nice yard that we hang out in most mornings.  Mama brings out her Kindle and reads while Scout sleeps and I defend our motor home from those squirrels. 

We see Miss Woe, the other greyhound, just about every day.  She isn't sure about us.  We sometimes sniff each other, but she prefers to walk alone.   Her Mom wishes she liked us more.  Her Mom loves to talk about greyhounds with Mama.  Miss Woe is a white and brindle greyhound.  Everyone says we are "HUGE" compared to her. 

Mama tried to take photos of the campground last night, but we didn't cooperate much with her.  We knew Dad was home and we wanted to get home.  Here are the photos that turned out:

This is one of the Presidential sites.  We are not allowed to walk around in there.

This is the bridge we take that connects our part of the campground to the rest.  It has lights all along it as well as flowers.

This is the view from our side of the campground.
Our campground has a lot of flowers.   There are flowers in common areas, but a lot of the residences have flowers at their sites.  It is really a nice place.

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