Thursday, May 23, 2013

Squirrels Are Nuts Here!

I have decided that squirrels are more fun to watch than bunnies.  Do bunnies climb trees and fly from branch to branch?  Nope, but squirrels do.  The other day, I was just laying in "my" yard and two squirrels almost ran over me.  Mama said they have a death wish.  I chased one up a tree and it started yelling at me. They are nuts, I say.

Here is one of those nutty creatures.

The campground keeps getting prettier and prettier.  These people love their flowers.

Mama loves this rock garden. The lady spent all afternoon working on it.

The pansies won't make it long in the Texas heat, but they are pretty right now.
Scout says this is great picture of her, but I stuck my nose in it and ruined it.
 We really like this park. The employees are very nice.  They do something here that we have not experienced at other parks.  If the electric goes out, they call to let you know.  Okay, so you don't need to be called if you are at home, but if the folks are out sightseeing they will get a call and know that we are at home without air conditioning and they can rush home.  We think it is a nice service.

I love my life!
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