Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cedar Hill State Park

Sunday was family fun day as Mama calls it.  We all hopped in the Jeep and went exploring.  Our first stop was McDonalds.  We had a few fries and they were delicious.  Our next stop was Cedar Hill State Park.  The state parks here charge admission.  The fee is $7 a person, greyhounds are free.  Mama was complaining about the fee, but then she realized that Texans don't pay state taxes, so the parks have to be maintained with money from somewhere.  In Missouri, the parks are free, but residents pay state tax.  We are now Texans, so we don't pay a state tax, so yes, it makes sense that we have to pay to get in. Mama would rather pay as you go instead of being charged a state tax.

Dad wanted to see the campground in case we ever come back to this area.  It was quickly decided that we wouldn't want to camp there.  They only cut the grass that is right next to the driveway of the sites. The rest of the area is very overgrown.  Mama said "Can you imagine the bugs and snakes?"   It actually made a nice park look run down.  The park was full of campers.

We stopped at the Penn Farm Agricultural History Center which is located in the park.  There are reconstructed and historic buildings from the mid 1800's to the mid 1900's.  It was a very easy walk.  We met several families and they were very interested in us.  Mama showed them our tattoos which the kids thought were cool.  We were celebrities.

The yellow flowers in the back are on a cactus.  Mama refused to walk thru the flowers to get a close up photo.

A cool barn

"Let's go in!"

Mama said no to going in.  She said there might be snakes.  One of the people that lived there died of a rattlesnake bite and Mama kept reminding us of that.

Scout standing next to farming equipment.  Vanna White, she is not.  BOL

Kids were learning to whistle with a piece of grass and it drove me crazy.

Wild flowers

House built in 1880's.  Mama didn't think it looked that old, but it does need a new roof.
We enjoyed our family fun day.  We were so tired that per Mama's request, we didn't ask her to get out of bed until 6 a.m. on Monday.

The Greyhound Who Loves Family Fun Days

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