Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Goodwill Shopping

When we were in Denver, Mama dropped a lid to a cooking pot that she has.  The handle on the lid broke.  Mama has been using it, but it is difficult to remove the lid from the pot when it is hot.  Mama even burned her arm doing so. We were going to show you a photo of her arm, but decided that was not in good taste.  She started out looking for a new lid, but no luck.  She then decided to replace the pot and the lid.  She really didn't want to spend $15, which is the price of a cheaper pot.  Yes, Mama can be frugal.  She asked Dad if a furniture knob would work.  He said it probably would.  Saturday night, they went to Goodwill and Mama found a lid.  She knew the lid was going to be too small, but the handle would probably work. 

Here is our old lid with a new handle.
 How much did the new handle cost?  $.50.  Yep, just $.50.  Mama is pretty proud of herself for holding out and saving money on the lid.

The folks also found a few other "treasures".  Dad found the RV movie.  He had mentioned that he would like to watch it again after visiting the RV museum in Amarillo.   Mama found a brand new fanny pack.  She has been wanting something to carry our things when we go hiking and this seems to be a good option right now.  Yes, it is purple.  We think Mama is developing a purple problem.  We have a purple toaster, a purple cutting board and now a purple fanny pack.  She also has two purple shirts. 

All items were bought for $7.
Mama likes shopping at Goodwill because you never know what you will find.  The one here is nice and the prices are good.  The ones she found in Houston were really nice, but the prices are quite a bit more than at home.

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