Friday, May 3, 2013

Cadillac Ranch & RV Museum

Did you guess where I did my graffiti?  I did it at Cadillac Ranch!   There are ten Cadillacs that are buried head first in the ground and people are allowed to paint on them.

The cars from the highway.

I think I should paint here.

There are cows here.  I am not sure I like this.
Yes, there were cows walking near us.  We were not thrilled about that.  Dad said it would be okay.
Dad decided to help me paint.  I wanted to do a paw print, but Dad thought my name would be better.

Dad added Scout's name.  We wanted to add "Two Greyhound Town" to it, but Dad said it was too windy to write all that.

It looks good!
Scout agrees, but thinks her name should have been first.

You can even see it far away!
We gave our paint can to a couple who came without one.  They thought that was pretty cool.

As promised, here are more photos from the RV Museum.  The link has more photos from the museum that you may find interesting.

1948 Flexible from the movie RV

Inside RV movie RV.

1936 Alma

Inside 1936 trailer.

Inside 1937 Kozy Kamp

1937 Kozy Kamp

1953 Fleetwood

1963 Airstream

1966 Kenskill

1976 Argosy

1975 Itasca - this is the very first one every built.

Inside the Itasca

More inside photos of the Itasca

Kitchen in Itasca

1975 Itasca

Pop Up - I don't have a year. Can't read the sign. Might be 72.
1946 Teardrop

We had even more adventures today, but I will have to wait for another day to share those.

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