Thursday, May 9, 2013

Santa Lives Here!

We noticed the other day that there is a motor home here that has a Santa statue sitting outside of it.  Mama thought that was a little odd since it is May.  We then noticed that they have Santa Claus lights along the front of it.  Later, we noticed their van has a Santa and Rudolph sticker.  Mama commented that they must really love Christmas.  Today, we walked by and there was the owner standing outside.  It is Santa!  I'm not kidding!  He has the long white beard.  He is a little slimmer than he is on TV, but maybe he slims down in the Texas heat.  We always thought his summer home was in Florida.   He waved to us.  I guess we better be on our best behavior here because Santa is watching us for sure!

We may have storms later today, so we spent the morning laying in the grass.

We are wearing cables, if you are wondering.

This tree has a lot of squirrel activity.

Mama asked if we wanted to go in and this was our answer.
We are getting mail today.  We haven't received mail since we left Houston.  The mail truck just came by and Mama thought maybe he was delivering it right to our door, but he went to our neighbor's home instead.  Mama will have to make the long walk to the office later.  It is raining now.

The Greyhound Who Saw Santa Today

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