Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Purple Invasion Continues

Friday, was the folks wedding anniversary.  They have been married 27 years.  Mama said it makes her feel old.  BOL!

They didn't celebrate much because Dad doesn't get home until after 7 p.m.  They went grocery shopping and bought a cake.  Saturday, they went out to dinner and then they went shopping for their present.  What did they buy?  Well, it is purple.  Mama didn't think about it being purple until she got home and then she laughed.

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Yep, it is a vacuum.  BOL!   Mama is happy about it even though women are not supposed to be given these things as gifts.  Our old vacuum was a broom stick type and Mama had to empty it 3-4 times every time she cleaned.  She complained every time she used it and even though she emptied it that much, it still didn't do a good job.  She loves this one, so far.  It has attachments and a cord that is long enough to cover the whole place.  It also is very easy to change it from carpet to hardwood cleaning. She just pushes a button on the handle. She really likes that feature.  She has emptied it twice, but it wasn't even half full each time.  She just emptied it for the fun of it.

Scout and I do not like it.  Scout almost when through the roof when Mama turned it on the first time.

We hope all our American friends had a nice three day weekend.  We enjoyed spending time with the folks.  We will write more about that later in the week. 

We are sad to read that things are rough right now at Genji's Corner.  Our thoughts are with them.

Mama is also very sad to hear that a childhood friend's husband died suddenly this morning. Mama will not be able to go home for the funeral, but she is sending many prayers and thoughts for the family.

The Greyhound Whose House Continues To Be Invaded With Purple Things

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