Thursday, May 2, 2013

We Are In Amarillo, TX!

We made it to Amarillo, TX.  It wasn't easy.  We had to face a snowstorm, a dust storm and high winds for the last three hours of our trip.  The winds were so high that we had to slow down to 45 mph because the awnings on our slides were trying to come out.  They were banging and made Dad nervous.  We pulled over a few times to make sure they were okay.  It was fine once we had buildings to shield us from the winds, but that was only for the last five miles of our trip.  It took us twelve hours to get here.  We missed Survivor which is our favorite show. Mama said we may be able to watch it online.

We understand that not everyone was able to see the YouTube video that we had on our site yesterday.  It was George Strait singing "Amarillo By Morning". 

Here are some photos from our trip.

Leaving our campground at Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora, CO.

We heard they ended up with several inches.

Bear?  We didn't see any, but Mama had our bear bell ready.  BOL!

Elk...we didn't see any. 

Our first time in New Mexico.

New Mexico was a little boring at times.

New Mexico seems to have a lot of trees, but no grass.

Pretty hills in New Mexico.

Bye, New Mexico!

Texas, our second home!
Dad surprised us with a cool campground here in Amarillo.  We have our own private dog run!  It has a picnic table for the folks. There is a bigger "public" dog run that we checked out this morning.  Scout and I did some running.  Scout loves to run. 

 We took a quick walk around the campground this morning because I insisted.  I love the dog run, but I need to patrol my surroundings.  The campground is a little cluttered with lawn equipment and stuff, but the owners must love dogs to put in the private dog runs.  There are seven of them.  We have the biggest one.

We would love it here if the wind died down. It is extremely windy here. The winds are gusting to 50 mph and when they are not doing that, they are constantly blowing.  It is very noisy inside our home.  It is cold.  The high will be about 40, but with the high winds, it feels very cold.  Tomorrow is supposed to be better and we have an outing planned with the folks that should be fun.  Hint:  I get to do some graffiti.

Our dog run!

The folks are going to tour the RV museum that is here today and then they are going to eat at a steak place that is said to be a big tourist trap.  They like doing the silly tourist things

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