Wednesday, May 29, 2013

George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

Mama was very excited when she learned the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum would be open in time for her to visit while in Dallas.  The folks have a goal to visit all the Presidential libraries and museums.  They have been to the Dwight D. Eisenhower library in  Abilene, KS and the George Bush library in College Station, TX.  George W. Bush's library opened on May 1st of this year.

Mama read that it was best if she bought the tickets ahead of time, so after a struggle to get those because many times were sold out already, she secured them for May 25th at noon.  The folks expected it to be crowded because they allow 350 people an hour inside.  Mama said it was packed!

They waited in line for 15 minutes to go through security and then a few minutes to get their "43" stickers to show they belonged in the museum. 

People leaving the library
It was so crowded that the folks were not able to really enjoy it.  They could not get close to many things to read them.  :-(

Quilt with front pages of newspapers showing headlines while we waited to find out if George W. Bush was the new President.

Florida Ballot - remember all the hanging chads?

President and Mrs. Bush

Baseball collection of the President

Dress Mrs. Bush wore at a State dinner just days before 9/11
 After seeing the display with Mrs. Bush's dress, you enter a room that is darkened and it is all about 9/11.

Beams from the twin towers.

This lady wouldn't move as she was playing with her phone, so after waiting several moments, Mama just took the picture and now she is part of our blog.  BOL!

These walls have the names of those killed on 9/11.

Screen showing different things that happened the week of 9/11.

Close up of some of the 9/11 victims.
Pens used by the President to sign documents.

Statues of Barney and Miss Beasley.  They were dogs owned by the Bush Family

Painting of Mrs. Bush and her pups

Statue of Spot - another dog of the Bush family

The folks stood line line for 45 minutes to tour the Oval Office. The Oval Office is supposed to be an exact replica of how it looked when President Bush was in office. They were able to see other things along the way, but it was still a long wait.

Items from the Oval office

Rug in the Oval Office

The Oval Office

Ceiling in the Oval Office

Dog dish that was a gift to the Bush dogs.  Mama thought we would like to see it.
This museum does not show anything about President Bush's childhood which Mama found odd.  Maybe the President figured there was enough about his childhood in his Dad's museum.  BOL!

Mama saw a statue that she meant to take a photo of when she went outside, but she forgot and they didn't pass by it when leaving.  It was President Bush and his father, President Bush.  She is still upset that she missed that photo opportunity.

There were several short films to watch, but the lines were just too long.  The folks said they would like to go back in a few years when it is not so crowded.

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