Friday, May 3, 2013

RV Museum

We forgot to tell you a funny that happened on our way here on Wednesday.  We were stopping for gas in Colorado and we took the wrong exit.  It looked like we were headed for a toll plaza.  Mama said "Oh, no!"  Dad told her to get money out.  It turns out that we were headed into a restricted area.  BOL!  There were soldiers at the plaza.  Dad told the soldier "Well, I obviously took a wrong turn".  The soldier said "Follow me."  He then yelled "HALT TRAFFIC!"  All the traffic stopped and we did a U-turn.  BOL!  It was pretty funny.

The winds are calm this morning, but yesterday, it was crazy.  We had a binder on the dash that blew out of the motor home when we opened the door.

Scout and I think having our own dog run is really neat.  We are going to miss it.  We don't think the next place we are staying even has a public one.  :-(


We have our own supply of bags!

Here we are in the public run.

Our site.
 The folks visited the Jack Sisemore RV Museum.  This is a FREE museum that is located behind the Jack Sisemore dealership.  The folks thought the museum was a lot of fun.


The museum also has motorcycles.

The side item is an air conditioner.

 The most "famous" RV that they have is from RV movie with Robin Williams.  It is the bus that Jeff Daniels' drove.
Dad in the RV from the movie RV.

Visitors are allowed to climb in and touch most of the RVs in the museum.  There are just a few that they ask that you not climb in due to their age.

Mama took a ton of photos of the inside of the RVs, but that might be boring for many of you.  UPDATE:  We just had a request to include some of the inside photos, so we will put those in our next post.

The folk ate at the Big Texan.  We will talk about that tomorrow as this post is getting really long.

The Greyhound Who Is Going To Do Some "Painting" Today.

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