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Our 2016 Travel Map


Friday, January 4, 2013

Rapid Fire Lady

Today, Mama met a woman that she is calling the "Rapid Fire Lady".  Mama said she was in the rec room when this lady came in and immediately started asking Mama questions. Mama said it was one question after another....rapid fire. She asked Mama "How many grandchildren do you have? (The lady thinks she looks old enough to have grandchildren?  Okay, she is old enough, but Mama was offended by the question just the same.) Where are you from?  When do you arrive here?  When are you leaving?" RFL (Rapid Fire Lady) said she was thinking of moving into the resort. She then started talking about an upcoming trip and the questions began again. Mama felt like she was in an interview. Mama finally escaped to the laundry room. Mama went back into the rec room a little while later and RFL had three other women trapped. RFL turned around when Mama walked into the room, but realizing she had already captured her earlier, resumed her questions with the other women. Later, one of those ladies came in the laundry room and Mama asked her what she thought of all the questions.  She laughed. She told Mama that she thinks RFL is very lonely.  She is planning on moving in here in April and is trying to make friends now. Mama then realized she was being interviewed for position of "friend".  RFL lady is already organizing a yoga class with her new "friends" here.  She was a little upset that the park managers will not tell her which site will be hers. She doesn't realize how things work here and April is a long time away to be getting a site assigned today.  The park managers are going to LOVE her.....NOT.  It would be kind of funny to be here to see them with her.

I like walking with my tongue like this.

Mama says it makes me look silly.
Last night, our Emeals dinner was Easy Chicken Tortillas.  Mama added jalapenos on her own. Dad said it was really good.
Easy Chicken Tortillas
Mama's energy level is really low, so she still hasn't worked on her restaurant blog. She said that next week will be better. The sun will be out and it will be warmer and that will give her more energy.

The Greyhound Who Thinks Rapid Fire Lady Sounds Strange


  1. So how does your mom think the "interview" went? BOL. Will be interesting to see what happens in April if ya all are still there. As for the tounge. I think you just get more info of what is out and about. The nose is good, but with the tounge, wven better.

  2. Oh the day always comes when they stop asking if you have any children and start asking do you have any grandchildren! and its NOT a good day, BOL. Maddy walks around with her tongue sticky out like that too Joey, I think its cute!!

  3. I just got the grandma question the other day! Sheesh! Casper lets his tongue hang out like Joey, and I love it! I think it makes him look so innocent and cute.

  4. Did your mama get hired after the interview? BOL! I guess some people are a little more than awkward sometimes.

    The tongue out of the mouth must be a boy thing!


  5. I think having your tongue out looks cool. Like wearing your trucker hat askew on your head. It's what all the cool kids are doing these days :)

  6. I love the nickname RFL...I am going to USE THAT ONE....hahaaa

  7. The tongue thing definitely must be a boy thing..Henry did it and I have seen Shane do it a few times lately. RFL..I have met a few of those before at greyhound events.

  8. Joey and Scout, I think you have humans all figured out!