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Our 2016 Travel Map


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Still Holding Onto The Bed

Scout and I have been able to hold onto the remaining bed so far. We are taking turns occupying it.  The only time it is vacant is when we are on walks. This plan seems to be working for us.

Scout is in the bed, so I'm on the dinette bed.

See, Scout is in the bed.

Scout taking a break on the couch.

Me holding down the bed.

Scout's turn.

Holding down that bed is exhausting.  I needed a break.

Dad commented that Scout looked pretty comfy here.  We thought the bed might get thrown out, but so far so good.

Dad is in Denver until the 15th. We are doing fine, but a little bored. We think we can relax about the bed issue while Dad is away.  Mama is pretty soft. 

We are going to stay in state parks while we are in Denver for the first month.  They only allow you to stay 14 days at each park and I think you have to wait 45 days before you can come back.  They also charge an entrance fee each day, but we are going to buy a $70 pass that is good for a year. It is cheaper to buy the pass than pay the fee each day.  It will not cost us anymore than it costs us to stay here.  We may have to stay at a private park if we are there for more than a month.  We are excited to be staying in state parks again.  We will have more room and there will be trails to hike!  Mama doesn't have to worry about finding a laundromat since she has her own machine. Life is good!

The Greyhound Who Misses His Dad


  1. Security duty is hard work but glad to see you are both being diligent about keeping that bed inside!

    Staying in the state parks sounds wonderful. Colorado is so beautiful!


  2. Joey and Scout - HOLD ON TIGHT! You two Greys crack me up. I love how all Greyhounds sleep upside down with those long legs sticking up - Wanda does the same thing - that is when I know she is really, really comfortable and sleeping soundly.

  3. Don't let that bed out of your sight!

    Just tell your mama to check and be sure dogs are allowed at the state parks. Most state parks here do allow dogs, but every state is different, and almost none of the national parks do! I am sure you'll be fine, but just double check. I can't wait to hear about all your cool adventures!


    1. They do, Miss Bunny. They even have an off leash area for dogs, but you need to buy a permit. They are very big about charging for everything there. lol

  4. You have got a pretty good rota going there with that bed!
    That is a strange rule, that you can only stay in the park for 14 days.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  5. I love greyhounds so much. They sleep ALL THE TIME. Mine is zonked out on her bed at this very moment.

  6. The state parks sound like a really great place to stay.

  7. Life looks good indeed. And way to go with keeping the bed. But wow do you ever have to work hard for that.

  8. Joey,
    We read your post and now we have to take naps because we're so tired from seeing all the work you and Scout are having to do.
    If we weren't so tired we would be very excited that you can go into the state parks. They won't let dogs in the parks here. We explained that we're not dogs, we're GREYHOUNDS. They didn't even care . . .
    Goodnight, Joey, say "Hey" to Scout for us.
    Truly, Maggie and Walker

  9. We're all rooting for you and Scout and the bed! You are Greyhounds. It is your right to have many and/or annoying beds. In fact, I think it is a requirement. I'm hoping momma breaks out the knitting forms and makes more hats (or something else) while your daddy is away. Looking forward to new adventures.

  10. Glad to see you stood firm and have kept your beds!!! Those pix just crack me up!!!!

  11. Occupy The Bed!!! Occupy Wall Street has nothing on you two.

  12. Glad to see you are all staying comfy!