Our 2016 Travel Map

Our 2016 Travel Map


Monday, March 25, 2013

Trader's Village

The folks went to Trader's Village yesterday.  It is a huge outdoor flea market.  Pets are not allowed, but they sell dogs, birds and snakes there.  Mama said she thinks you can buy just about anything there. They have appliances, tons of bras and even stun guns. The biggest problem is that most of the people do not price their items and since most of the sellers are Hispanic, there is a language barrier. On a side note,  Mama is starting her online Spanish course today.  She is tired of not knowing what signs say and what people are saying. She said this will be a problem almost everywhere we travel, so she is taking action.  BOL!  She is not sure she will be successful, but she is going to give it a try.


Rakes and shovels


Amusement Rides

A train for the kids

Mama bought a hat since it was so windy.  It has a drawstring to keep it from flying off.  It can be a flopping hat or it can look like a cowboy hat.  Yes, you read that correctly.  We have a cowboy hat.

Scout seems happier about it than me.

The thrill is wearing off.

I don't like it.

This is as good as it gets and Mama is even holding on to me.  See, that's her hand.

I don't care if there are treats involved.


Get it off of me!

I may be a Texan, but I don't do cowboy hats.
Okay, one more, but that is it.
 Check out Mama's review of Twin Peaks.  It's a restaurant with "scenic views".  BOL! 

The Greyhound Who Doesn't Want To Be A Cowboy After All


  1. Well I think you both look smashing in your hat. Getty Up! My MOM has said for years that she wants to learn Spanish. Good for your mom for giving it a go.

  2. I think the hat is rather fetching! I hope she enjoys wearing it, but I bet it looks better on you. ;) I'm not sure you guys want to visit a flea market. It sounds risky to me!


  3. The trader's village looks great, wish Mum could go. You two look very cute in your hats! Good luck with the Spanish to your mom.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  4. All right, I am happy to have seen you both in a cowboy hat. It really does look good on you both, but I understand greyhounds not liking hats. If you learn Spanish, I would like to know what course you used. I took Spanish in school and it was like my brain was made of concrete.

  5. What?! No dogs allowed? Gosh, you used to be able to and there was even a guy that dressed up his little pup to the nines and pushed her in a stroller and she was like a star there! Urr...hate to hear that but it's been years since I last went there...bummer! But the guys looked great in the hat!!!

  6. That looks like the straw market in the Bahamas. There are no prices on anything so you have to negotiate every sale. I like to just look because I hate dickering.
    Love the cowboy hats!

  7. Patty, your hounds are so very wordy, suave, educated, and it's great that we get to enjoy them!