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Monday, December 3, 2012

He'll Scratch Your Eyes Out!

That is what Mama said when we came across this guy on our walk this morning.   Scout was very curious, but I wasn't.  I saw what a cat did to my Cuz Deccy.  It was not a pretty sight. 

It is very warm here in Houston.  We have been in the 80's.  Mama says a person shouldn't sweat in December.  She and Dad looked at motor homes this weekend and she said it was very hot inside of them.  They found a few that they liked, but we can't do anything until we sell our house.  We haven't heard a word on the people who were interested in it. 

Friday night, the folks shopped at a Walmart Neighborhood Market.  They had never been to one before.  It is a Walmart grocery store.  It was less crowded than a regular Walmart, but they were out of a few things.  Saturday, they stopped by a Fiesta.  This is a grocery store with a lot of shops inside of it.  It is less than a mile from us and the folks are going to try shopping there this Friday.  Mama was very excited because she found her favorite snack.  She thinks she bought the last bag of these at the Walmart in Union, MO over six weeks ago. She had gone back three weeks in a row and they didn't have any more.  She couldn't find them anywhere else until she went to Fiesta.  She wanted to buy two bags, but Dad told her she could get another bag next week.  BOL!

Mama's treasured snack.
The folks ate out a lot this weekend.  They ate at Annie's Hamburgers for lunch on Saturday.  Here is her review:  That One Restaurant.

The Greyhound Who Knows To Stay Away From Cats


  1. Yes stay away from the kitty. Oh sure they look cute and cuddly, but wow can they pack a punch.
    Goose a punch.

  2. Those Tom's Hot Fries look a lot like one of my fave's, Andy Capp Hot Fries:

  3. Trying to make that link clickable this time :) :
    Andy Capp Fries

  4. Some kittehs can be really mean! We are in Austin and sweating when we were trying pick out a live christmas wreath, I cant stand our hot winters! I love hot fries and glad your mom is getting her fix.

  5. Tell your Mom that this Florida dog says Welcome to the South...it may be warm, but there's no ice and snow...*snoogles* from GizmoGeodog

  6. You are very wise Joey, they have hidden knives inside their paws, you know!
    Wow, imagine having such hot weather in December, how amazing.
    Glad your mum found her favourite snacks :)
    Dip Bridge & Elliot x


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