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Our 2016 Travel Map


Monday, December 10, 2012

Mama Made A Mess!

Last night, Mama and Dad didn't go out to dinner.  Mama looked over her Emeals menu and decided to make a meal that she knew would take a while to prepare and would also make the biggest mess.  She decided she would rather do it last night than some other night.  I don't know why.  That is just what she said.  Mama always says that fixing spaghetti makes a lot of dishes.  You need a pot to boil the spaghetti, a skillet to fry the hamburger and a strainer to drain the spaghetti.  The meal last night added even more dishes because the spaghetti was placed in a casserole dish and baked.

Are you ready to see what our little kitchen looked like after Mama fixed the meal?
Yep, this is a messy kitchen.  You don't see the electric skillet that was used. It is next to the stove.  It has to sit on the side because the stove top was used to boil the spaghetti.  The skillet normally sits on top of the cook top.

Here is it all cleaned up.

This is what caused the mess.  It is Layered Baked Spaghetti.  It has spaghetti, ground beef, sauce, green peppers, onions, cream cheese, parmesan cheese and a can of french fried onions.
Here we are watching the mess being made.  Yes, our house is a mess.  Mama says it is hard for it not to look messy even when it is clean.  We only have so much space for things.
Me thinking "If I made a mess like that, I would be in trouble!"
Dad really liked the casserole.  Mama didn't care that much for it.  She is not a huge fan of cream cheese.  She likes it in cheese cake though.

We hung up our Christmas lights.  Mama chose snowflakes. They are blue and white.  It is hard to see in this picture, but it really lights up our motor home.  We can see it all the way from the dog run.  BOL!
We need lights for our tree now.


  1. the motor home looks clean to me. My MOM loves cream cheese, s o I think she would like it a whole bunch, I know I would. And I love your ligths.

  2. I'm about to make spaghetti for dinner tonight. Not looking forward to cleaning up afterwards.

  3. Oh my dog. I repined that recipe on Pinterest. It looks yummy! Just how MUCH did dad like it?

  4. That recipe sounds AWESOME! I love everything in it, especially cream cheese and those fried onions. You may send it to me if you like. Yum! Your lights look awesome. I love blue lights. They look very "wintery" to me.

  5. I'm always amazed how much of a mess cooking makes!


  6. My mommy is always so jealous of your road trippin life!


  7. Did you get any spaghetti mate? I just LOVE it. I like to take out out of my bowl, stand on it and pull it apart! Those lights look fab. Deccy x

  8. Did you get any spaghetti mate? I just LOVE it. I like to take out out of my bowl, stand on it and pull it apart! Those lights look fab. Deccy x

  9. In somewhere like an RV cleaning after everything must be quite important. You can't just walk in another room and forget the mess (like our mum does, LOL.)Very nice recipe too.
    Your Christmas lights are very pretty.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x