Friday, December 30, 2011

Daddy Is Sick, Too!

Well, Daddy has a cold now.  Mama said it's not her fault because he got sick the day after she did.  She said it's Grandpa E's fault.  He had a cold at Christmas.  Mama really hates being anyone who is sick because she usually ends up getting it even with excessive handwashing.  At least they are both sick at the same time and it will be over soon.  Even though Daddy is sick, he went trout fishing today.  The other Grandpa called last night and said he was going along with the nephews.  Daddy told him he had planned on working on a ramp that he is putting on the deck for us. He told Grandpa he has a cold.  Grandpa said that if Daddy went with them, he would come over and help on the ramp. I guess none of them care that they are being surrounded with germs with Daddy along.  Grandpa is usually like Mama in that he doesn't like being around sick people, but I guess he really wanted Daddy to go with them. 

Oh, you are wondering about the ramp that is being put on the deck?  Right now, it has a lot of steps. Scout won't do steps and I'm not supposed to because of my leg.  Daddy is going to put a ramp on it so that we can just go from the kitchen to the deck to the fenced yard.  Mama has to take us out the front door now and then to the fenced yard.  Daddy is going to partition off the yard so that we don't have full access to the full yard unless they want us to have it.  Daddy is worried that we might encounter a wild animal at night if we are allowed to go behind the shed, so that's why he is putting up a barrier for us. 

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