Sunday, December 18, 2011

T'was The Week Before Christmas

It's a week a before Christmas, but we got bully sticks on Friday!

Look at the size of this thing!  It's 18".  I think there were other things in the box, but Mama hid those from us.  I think they are for Christmas.

Yesterday, Mama and Daddy went out to dinner and then to Petsmart.  Mama said they were having a really good sale on toys.  I think I saw some toys in the bags that Mama rushed past us.  I'm not sure why she is buying things when Santa is coming.  Daddy even fixed the door so that it's easier for Santa to come in the house.

Today, we went to the park.  I had not been to this one before.  We walked on the road and then a trail and then in a field and then back to the road. 

There were not many people out today even though it was 55 degrees.  Scout tired out long before I did.  It was fun!

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