Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It Snowed.... A Little

We woke Mama up at 3 a.m. to tell her it was snowing.  We then told her we needed to go outside. We thought it was fun, she did not.  We had about an inch, but it's already melting.

She just took us out for our after breakfast walk.  She told Scout she could walk in the fenced yard without a leash, but to be careful.  I still have to stay on a leash which is really sad when there is snow on the ground.  Scout made her first turn around the shed and we couldn't see her, but we heard her scream.  Mama yelled her name and started running which meant I got to run a little since I'm attached to a leash. Scout appeared and was limping.  Mama checked her over and she looked fine.  She got us back in the house quickly and by that time Scout was no longer limping.  Mama checked her over again and then offered her a Frosty Treat and determined she was okay.  I bet Scout has to stay on a leash until the snow is gone.

My leg is sore after I ran in the house on Friday.  Mama is upset with me, but sometimes a guy needs to let loose and I did.  We think the screws from the plate pressed against my skin because I have two little marks on my foot and they are next to each other.  Mama is anxious to get the plate out of my foot, but we have to wait at least another two months.

The Greyhound Who Would Love To Run In The Snow

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