Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa Came!

Santa did find us!  He brought us toys. 

We got another hedge hog, but this one squawks and squeaks.  We got a fox without stuffing.  I already tore it, but Mama said she can fix it.  Two ducks that squawk and a duck with long legs and arms.  Daddy said it's not a realistic duck.  In case you are wondering, my eye is not red.  It's just the flash.  Mama didn't feel like helping me edit the photos.

We played and played until we were exhausted.  Here is a short video.  It's not very exciting, but Mama said I look cute at the end when I smile at the camera.
Joey's First Christmas

We received bully sticks and other treats last week, so we really received a lot of things for my first Christmas with my forever family.  It's been so much fun and Daddy is home for a while, so I'm very happy!

The Greyhound Who Is Having A Wonderful Christmas!

We Are No Longer RVers

Our motorhome has new owners. They took ownership of it today.  They are probably reading through all the manuals and trying out all the...