Thursday, December 1, 2011

Driving Mama Crazy!

Joey is driving Mama crazy.  She says that I'm not helping either.   The problem is bunnies.  We have bunnies in our front yard.  Bunnies in the side yard.  Bunnies in the backyard.  Joey feels the need to search for bunnies all the time now.  He is obsessed!   He wants to go outside constantly.  He has to search the entire yard a few times before he is willing to come in and as soon as Mama takes her coat off, he starts whining to go outside again.  Mama says she is ready to have some rabbit stew.  No, not really, but she wouldn't mind if the bunnies disappeared. 

We think that Joey is lying about being four.  He acts like he is two.  He has a lot of energy.  I'm beginning to think he is not even a greyhound.  Daddy said that both Joey and I are myth busters.  I shed a lot and Joey is full of energy.  Grandma even laughed about Joey's energy the last time she was here.  He played with a toy for like 5 seconds and then had to find another toy to play with.  He kept doing that and Mama told Grandma he is like that all the time.  We are glad he is feeling better, but he needs to chill a little.  He needs to take lessons from me. 

The Greyhound Whose Brother Is Obsessed With Bunnies

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