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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Dogs In Our Neighborhood

Yesterday morning, my Gotcha Day, a dog charged at me and Mama.  It was a miniature schnauzer.   I know that is a small dog, but you should have seen him coming at us. He ran at full speed and was barking like crazy.  Mama yelled at him to "GET, GO HOME, GET!"  He didn't have a collar on, so Mama didn't know if he was a stray.  I decided I was tired of these little dogs scaring us, so I kicked off my boot to show him I was ready to rumble.  Well, when I kicked off my boot, it flew over his head and he thought I was throwing a toy at him. He went after my boot.  It was at that time that his Mom came out and said "Miles, Miles"  Miles didn't listen to her at all.  She said "sorry" to us.  Mama said "He charged us."  No response from Miles Mom.  Mama put my boot back on me and we left.  Miles Mom was still trying to catch him as we walked away.  Grrrr!  I actually like when dogs bark at me.  I just whine.  I whine when I am excited.  Mama doesn't like when they chase us.

Later in the day, a new person moved into the RV park.  They have a little bitty camper.  They left for a while, but their dog was still in the camper.  We walked by not knowing there was a dog in the camper.  The dog started banging on the window and barking. He was banging so hard that Mama thought he was going to break the glass or cause the camper to roll forward since he was rocking it so hard.  Mama said we needed to stay away from him because she didn't want him to get hurt.  However, he barked at everyone who walked by and even at us when we were way down the street.  Several of his neighbors were talking about him last night and I think they told his owner how he acted because his blinds are closed today.

There are two other new dogs here, but we don't know which campers they live in.  They are leashed, so that is good.

This morning, Mama decided to shampoo the carpet.  The job would have been easier if the hose on the SpotBot hadn't broke.  She used some duct tape on it and was able to finish the job.  Our carpet looks much better now.

Saturday night the folks ate at Crabby Daddy's.  It was Dad's choice. Mama had read reviews that the portions were small and pricey and that the service was not good.  She wanted to have steak, but the steak was $30. She decided that was too much since it wasn't a steak house and she didn't want to take a chance on it not being good.  It was a little out of her budget, too.  She ordered a hamburger instead.  The menu wasn't clear what came with the meals.  She thought she might have to order fries on the side, but it came with those. Mama said the burger was delicious!  The fries had sea salt and pepper on them and they were also very good.  The menu said the bun was toasted with butter and garlic, but she couldn't taste the garlic.
Classic Burger $9.99
Dad's Meal - Monterrey Shrimp Brochette $18.99
 Dad's meal was jumbo shrimp stuffed with pepper jack cheese, fresh jalapenos, and wrapped in bacon served over seasoned white rice and mixed vegetables.   He said the white rice was not seasoned.  He was not impressed with it.  Mama thought she got a lot more food for the money. The service was good, but it was hot inside the restaurant. 
Crabby Daddy Seafood & Steakhouse on Urbanspoon
Sometimes I want to hide from the world.

Just chilling on the couch.
You know how they say that everything is bigger in Texas?  Well, you should see the mosquitoes!  They are huge!  We are having a problem with them now since there is still standing water everywhere. We are ready to leave Texas.

The Greyhound Who Knows You Can't Look Tough Wearing A Boot


  1. Had to laugh at you kicking your boot at the yapper dog. People should be more careful with us dogs. Sheesh. The little guy could get hurt or hurt someone or some dog.

  2. I'm glad you were able to get that little dog out of there without rumbling too much. I'm also glad he didn't take off with your expensive TheraBoot.

  3. Sounds like a few of the dogs there need a few training tips for manners. It was quite funny that he thought your boot was a toy though. You would love us Joey, we bark at everydog - it drives Mum up the wall.
    Those meals look very good and we are pleased they were better than the reviews.
    Mum says that sometimes she just wants to hide from the world too :)
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  4. I think your Mom got the better deal with that meal, Joey. I hate it when dogs come up to us unleashed, friendly or not. There was a few unleashed dogs in our campground on the weekend too. Glad the dog didn't steal your boot, that would have been bad.

  5. It is hard to be manly with a boot on... I go completely crackers if anyone barks at me... Mum has a job to hold me. I'm fine if dogs are polite though! We liked the look of Mamma's burger! Deccy x