Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows

Mama just returned from the Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows.  She said it was a lot of fun.  She met a lot of dogs, including greyhounds!   It was a huge show.  There was a lot of shopping.  She didn't buy anything though.  Can you believe that?   She planned on buying some things from the GPA of  Houston.  That is the rescue group that we bought my Thera Paw boot from. They were there, but they were not selling anything.  Dad didn't see any of the rescue groups selling things.  They gave away some things.  Mama talked to a lady from GPA about my corn and she recommended a few more things to try.  Yep, it is still there.  It is really not coming to the surface.  I guess that should be discussed in another post sometime.

There were a lot of people that brought their dogs, but Mama said we wouldn't have liked it.  I would have been whining at every dog and trying to mark things.  Scout would have gotten tired and probably just laid in the aisle.  They said a lot of dogs that had accidents.  Some of the show dogs even had accidents in the rings. 

Mama said they went through rows and rows of vendors.  There was a lot of  neat things, but nothing that she wanted.
Granite dog food dishes. Nope, she didn't buy us one.

Exercise equipment - so glad she didn't this for us.

The greyhound group.
A greyhound collecting money and the GPA-Houston's mascot.

More greyhounds!
A Great Dane hoping for a bite of food.

This Cocker Spaniel has cancer.  She has a bucket list.  She has appeared on the news and threw out the first pitch had a baseball game.  She has done a lot of things, but Mama can't remember them all.
The show also had a dancing dog competition.
Dog dancing with his Mom.
There was agility.
Mama said she could have watched the agility all day long.

There was flyball and also a pulling competition.

They walked around and saw the dogs getting ready for the dog show.  Mama said it definitely takes a lot of work.  She didn't take photos because she didn't know if the owners wanted that to happen. If the dogs were not getting their hair fixed, they were kind of hidden.  They probably just wanted to be left alone so that they could rest.

There were only two greyhounds that competed today in the dog show.  The dog show was a lot different than on TV. There were not any announcements.  In fact, Mama couldn't hear a thing.  It is like it was done in silence.  She is not even sure who won between the greyhounds.

The folks thought the brindle was very handsome.
They watched some of the other dogs being shown. They noticed that one judge seemed pretty bored and didn't even watch the dogs walk around. It is definitely different than the shows on TV.

This is where the dog show was held.
Astrodome is across from the dog show. There is talk that it will face the wrecking ball.

We got treats from the show!

Lots of free samples of dog food.  Dad said we can eat them as treats.

Open them!
After the show, the folks drove to a restaurant that they wanted to try from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network.  There was a line to get in and they couldn't find a parking spot, so they gave up. The place closes at 3 p.m. and is not open on Sundays. They will not be eating there on this trip.  Mama was disappointed.

The buffet where they ate.
They ended up eating at China Stat.  Mama said it was good.  The food was not labeled very well, so she didn't know what had seafood in it for sure.  She ate a lot of chicken.  The place was packed at 1.30 p.m.  It was $9.95 a person.

There is still one more restaurant that the folks plan on trying this weekend.  Our time in Houston is almost over.

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