Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Met A Girl!

There is a dog that I have been watching since we got here.  Her name is Daisy. She is a black and white Boston Terrier. She is an older woman at the age of five. We have passed many times, but never had any contact.  Her Mom says she can be pretty rough.  She knocked over Gus, the tripod.  Yesterday, we were out walking and her Mom stopped to talk to us.  Another dog that Mama doesn't like was running loose....again and they were talking about it.  Diamond is a bulldog that has no manners. Her Mom is the laundry room offender. She paid $2,000 for Diamond. Yikes! Anyway, Daisy and I sniffed and that is all it took. I play-bowed to her.   We really wanted to play, but we were on leashes.  Daisy will be leaving soon.  They are headed to Georgia to pick pecans. I think it is a very short-term job that her Dad wants to do.  Her folks are retired.  It's sad that just when we became friends, she is leaving.

Here I am with my new toy.

 This morning, we met the lady that was bit by the dog. She warned us that there was a loose dog at the other lake. It was probably a dog that lives in the subdivision. The RV park people cut down some trees and since that time, the dogs from that subdivision have been coming into our park.  She told Mama that she was bit by a dog here.  Mama acted surprise, but the lady did not go into detail.  She thanked the lady and we walked in the opposite direction since we didn't want to encounter the loose dog.

It appears that the party house has been shutdown. We haven't heard a sound from the house in over a week. We think bringing in the band put an end to his loud music.

Stay tuned for Mama's review of a restaurant they visited.

The Greyhound Who Has A Crush On An Older Woman

After visiting the Bush Presidential Library and Museum, we headed to a restaurant that appeared on Food Network's show, Diners, Drive-In's and Dives.  The place is called Hullabaloo Diner.  The diner was originally located in Albany, New York.  In 2004, the restaurant was set to be demolished.  The American Diner Museum of Providence, Rhode Island stepped in to help save it.  In December 2005, it was moved just outside of College Station, Texas where it now sits.  It took a week for it to make it to it's new home.

This is Hullabaloo Diner. It was built in 1940.  It would be easier to see without the cover over it.

The end of the restaurant.

The counter

It was packed when we arrived at 2 in the afternoon. People were turned away.

Seats became open as we ate.
 We ordered Elvis' Fries for our appetizer.  They are fries that are smothered in homemade sausage gravy and cheese.  LOL  They were good.
Elvis Fries
I ordered a cheeseburger, of course.  They had a chicken fried steak sandwich, but I thought it might be tough.
My burger and fries. I wasn't thinking when I ordered fries as my side item.

Jeff ordered the Roman Sausage sandwich.  It is made of two homemade spicy-Italian sausage links smothered in green peppers, onions and smoked provolone cheese with spaghetti sauce on the side.
Roman Sausage Sandwich
Side salad - the big surprise was that it had pepperoni slices.
Jeff really liked his meal and actually brought half of it home.  I liked my burger for the first two bites and then couldn't determine if the burger was freezer burned or if it was the seasoning. It was fine though and I would go back, if is was closer to us.  I really enjoyed being in this piece of the past.
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