Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More Snakes!

It is a beautiful morning here in Houston. The temps are cool and the humidity is low. Mama, Scout and I went for a leisurely walk. We walked down to the fire house. There was a huge snake in the road.  We approached it slowly and found it to be dead. We believe it was a Texas Rat Snake - non-poisonous.  There was also a dead snake on the road Sunday. We showed it to Dad and he said it was also non-poisonous. Maybe all this wet weather is causing the snakes to try and seek dry places, but the road is not a good place for them.

The ducklings have moved to the little lake now. Our lake is basically vacant now as all the adult ducks seem to want to be near the ducklings.

Still can't get a good picture of the ducklings
Pretty view from our window.
 Yesterday was the first day in 10 days that we did not have rain. However, the rain was close by. We heard thunder and the radar showed we would be getting rain. It just never made it here.  We noticed two windows leaking during the heavy rains last week. Sunday, we had a leak behind our TV. Yikes!   Dad thinks he found the cause after a roof inspection. We hope it is fixed now.
Dad is on top of the RV. He is checking for leaks.
Mama changed her routine and did laundry yesterday afternoon. She is not sure she will do that again because it was hot walking back and forth from the laundry room.  She didn't want to stay there because the air conditioning is broke in the laundry room.  It broke last week. They have fans turned on in the laundry room, but it is still very hot inside.

Have you seen the new item Pizza Hut has? It is garlic bread pizza!  Mama saw it yesterday and started drooling over it. She told Dad that it would be easy enough to make, but she really does love their garlic bread so theirs "might" be better. She checked out the Pizza Hut website and they deliver here.  We have been here almost three months and didn't know they delivered. However, their minimum delivery order is $10, so she will have to order a soda or something if we decide to do that for lunch. She has chili cheese dogs for lunch today, so maybe tomorrow.

Last night, Mama fixed Summer Saute'.   She really liked it and Dad did, too.  She thought the zucchini was seasoned perfectly.  She added buttered noodles because she felt it needed something more.

1 kielbasa sausage, sliced
(2 T butter, ¼ t oregano, ½ t garlic salt,
1 zucchini, sliced & quartered
2 T onion, chopped

In a large non-stick skillet, sauté sausage. Remove then add & melt butter. Sauté zucchini, onion, oregano, garlic salt, salt & pepper. Cook until zucchini is crisp-tender.  Return sausage to the skillet and heat all.

Summer Saute'  - Mama added Parmesan Cheese to both the sausage and the noodles.

Scout and I napping yesterday.  We don't keep a neat bed.
Bunny asked if we are going to the dog show. We are not sure if outside dogs are allowed. Mama wouldn't take us anyway. Mama says I would be overly stimulated.  We know the greyhound group from here we will be there. We will get to do things when we get to Cleveland. There is a national park there and Scout and I will get to go there.  We are excited!

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