Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Have A New Bed!

Even though I am WAY over budget for this month, I got a new bed!  Mama saw this bed over a month ago and she has been shopping around and couldn't find one she liked better for the price.  The folks decided to get it for me this weekend in case they run out of time next weekend.

I like it!

I tore the tags off within10 minutes of using it. At first, I thought the bed was a huge stuffy.   Mama warned me not to tear it up. I have calmed down with it. My only compliant is that it doesn't fluff well.  It is pretty comfy though.    It looks nice in our motor home and doesn't take up as much space as the comforter I was using. We have moved that back into the Jeep.

Mama also ordered us some bully sticks.  Our budget is so busted that we may as well just cross it off and start over in August.  That works, doesn't it?

The Greyhound Who Knows How To Bust A Budget

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