Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Preparing To Leave Houston - Two More Days

We started getting things ready to leave on Sunday.  Dad secured the awning.  He took the tire covers off and put those away. The BBQ is stored underneath the motor home.  He tested the generator and it was running rough.  That is not good. We run the generator when we are on the road so that the air conditioners can run just like if we were parked in a site. He then tested the air conditioner and it wouldn't come on with the generator. The transfer switch has worked on and off since we have been traveling.  Dad bought a new one in May, but since it started working again, he didn't install it.  Sunday evening was spent installing it. There are several things that are housed under the folk's bed and that is one of them.  Mama had to hold up the bed while Dad crawled under it and installed the transfer switch.  It works now. Dad worked on the generator Monday night and it seems better.

Mama shampooed the carpet yesterday.  We have a SpotBot and she uses the hose to clean the carpet.  The hose broke, so she had to use duct tape to put it back together.  It worked pretty good.  Then she cleaned the dash. Rumor has it that we are shedding a lot.  I think we are shedding the same amount as normal but we in a much smaller space, so it just looks like it's more hair because it is piled up.

This morning, Mama washed all the bedding including our sheets. Our sheets get washed quite often since we seem to shed so much. The sheets cover the big bed that we share. Well, we don't really share it.  We have a divided between us.  Mama will do the rest of the laundry tomorrow. That will make three days this week that she has been in that laundry room. The air conditioner is supposed to be fixed tomorrow, but she will be done before it is fixed. She does it so early in the morning that it is not a big deal. She will miss the $1 a load that they charge here.
Life is good!
The spread is freshly laundered and I need to break it in.
 Tonight, Mama is going grocery shopping.  She has to buy some quick and easy meals for our travels.  We know from past experience that we are very tired after driving all day.  We won't unhook the car from the motor home on Friday and Saturday nights, so we need to have food that Mama can just heat in the microwave.

Sunday, the folks ate lunch at Pallotta's Italian Grill.   It is a nicely decorated place.  They do not have TVs hanging on the walls.  Can you believe that?  There were a lot of families eating there. They ordered fried mozzarella sticks as an appetizer.  They were hand rolled and came with garlic bread.  Mama said she was full after eating that. It was very good.  She ordered lasagna which came with a salad.  The lasagna had the thinnest pasta that she has ever seen.  She liked it, but it did get a little mushy.  Dad ordered The Benjamin.  It had shrimp and spicy sausage with pasta.  He said it was good.  There are pictures, but they are on Dad's phone.  Mama's phone battery was dead.   That was the last restaurant that they will visit here. It is kind of sad.  Mama just saw a commercial for Luby's.  They never made it there.
Pallotta's Italian Grill on Urbanspoon
I'm a little sad that we are leaving Houston.

What?  I look dreamy in this picture?
The Greyhound Who Is Preparing Mentally To Leave Houston

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