Thursday, July 19, 2012

I've Been Dremeled!

Mama dremels Scout's nails, but I have always said "NO WAY!"   I freaked out when that thing was brought near me.  This morning, we went on a long walk and Mama told Scout that she was going to do her nails when we got back and she would get some chicken as a treat. Scout doesn't mind the dremel.  So, Mama did Scout's nails and I was laying on my bed watching.  Mama brought the dremel over to me and let me sniff it.  She touched my nail to it and I didn't freak out.  She then turned it on and she quickly did all my nails.  I DID IT!  It didn't hurt. It just felt a little strange.  Mama has been trimming my nails a few times a week with clippers.  My nails are really thick, so she just trims a little at a time and then files them.  I don't mind her doing that, but she is worried she will hurt me.  After she dremeled me, she praised me and hugged me.  She was so excited. Scout and I got some leftover chicken as a treat. Yum!  Will I let her use the dremel again?  Stay tuned to see.
This is the Dremel that got me today.
Mama made a breakfast this morning that she thought you might like.  She saw it on a cooking show and can't remember the name of it.

Take a slice of bread and cut a hole in the middle.  Mama uses a glass to cut the hole. Melt butter in a skillet and coat the bread with the butter on both sides Also, coat the piece of bread that you cut out with butter.  Brown the bread in the skillet and add an egg to the hole and fry that like you fry any egg.  Flip it over to brown the other side.  It's that simple.  We had leftover ham from dinner last night, so it became part of the breakfast this morning.

Scout has started laying on the couch.  Here she is watching Mama put the laundry away this morning.
Our rain chances are only 30% today. The ground is still very wet.  We didn't get rain here yesterday, but other parts of Houston did.  We are heating back up to the 90's since it is no longer raining.

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