Thursday, July 12, 2012

Please Turn Off The Rain

We have been having rain since last Friday or Saturday.  It has been nice. However, the rain started around 3 a.m. and it has not stopped except long enough for us to get in two short walks.  The rain has been very hard. The local stations are having continuous weather coverage which we have not seen even in bad storms. They said we were getting 4"an hour for a while.  The front lake here is out of its' banks and the lake by us is full. It has always been quite low. The ducks are swimming in the field.  Mama keeps checking the gully behind us to make sure we are okay.  It is fine, so far.  We just need this rain stop because Mama is getting nervous.  Heck, if Mama has to move the RV due to flooding, we will be nervous.  LOL  I am sure if the worst happens, Fred, the park manager will help us.

Exciting news!   It sounds like we are headed to Washington DC for a week and then on to our next destination after that.  We have a verbal commitment for the next destination and hope to have it in writing today.  It will probably only be for a month this time. It's a place that the folks have never been before. 

Dad made the reservations for the campground near Washington DC.  It sounds really nice. It is the Cherry Hill Park. They have buses that stop right at the campground to take people to the city or to the Metro System.  The campground has a cafe, theater, nature trail, pools and many other things.  Mama is very excited.  The folks visited DC in the 90's and loved it.  They will be able to see the sights on Monday, Thursday afternoon and Friday.  Dad has meetings on Tuesday - Thursday afternoon.  Mama said she might take a tour or something while he is gone or we may just explore the park.  They took the night tour of  DC when they were there before and really liked it.  We had hoped to stay in DC for a month or two, but so far, that is not where we are staying.  It is very expensive!  The campground charges $900 a month, plus electric.  That is out of our budget, but if we end up there sometime, we will just have to deal with it. DC has so many things to see and do and most of them are free.  Mama says it is a fun city to explore.

Mama ordered a new battery for her Dell laptop this morning.  She has needed a new one for a very long time. It should be here well before we leave on the 27th.  We will be able to update the blog while we travel with a new battery, hopefully.

Now that we know we are really leaving on the 27th, we are busy making plans for our last two weeks here. This weekend, Dad wants to wax the RV and the folks are supposed to meet up with some relatives that Dad hasn't seen in like 25 years.  Next weekend, there is a big dog show here that Mama would like to attend. It is the Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows.  They have a ton of vendors and Mama would like to do some shopping.   Mama said she needs to double check with Dad though because at one time, he wanted to visit Moody Gardens which is near Galveston. 

The Greyhound Who Hopes The Rain Stops Soon

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