Monday, July 30, 2012

We are in DC!

We arrived in Washington DC last night. Actually, we are in College Park, MD which is close to DC.  We had a pretty easy trip, no problems. Our gas stops all went well unlike our trip to Texas.  I would like to say it's because the folks are more experienced now, but part of it depends on how crowded the gas stations are and how easy they are to get in and out. We only stop at travel centers, but they are not always RV friendly even though they should be.

We hit heavy traffic in Virginia. If there was a car on the side of the road it caused a standstill. We hit big jams several times during our last 100 miles.
Virginia Traffic

I love our campground!  Mama says it is rated #2 in Best Parks of America.  There is so much activity here.  Mama says I am over-stimulated. Today, she decided I needed to wear my harness because I was pulling way too much. I am acting much better now.

The campground is really a resort. Mama says it is perfect for families.  They have a bus depot here so the buses come here to pick people up for tours or to take them to metro stations.  There is a nice store that has camping things as well as souvenirs. There is also miniature golf, a spray park, basketball court, several playgrounds, nature trail, cafe, outdoor movie theater, hot tub, sauna, game room, exercise room, free Cable TV, free Wi-Fi, TV lounge area and they have a DOG PARK!  Actually, there are two! This place is huge!  We still haven't seen it all.

Each day they offer an informational sightseeing session to help the campers learn how to get around DC. Mama is going to attend tomorrow's session.  They really make things easy here.

Oh, Boy!  Look at this place!

Turtles are all over.

View of the park.

Pool area

Tractor rides are offered free every night.

At the dog park.

Turtles are even in the dog park.  Dad says it is a hazard.

Fire hydrant is also a hazard to running dogs.  We haven't run yet though.

I love being off leash again!

Dad and Scout walking down the path.

A view from the dog walk.

Another view from the dog walk.

And one more view from the dog walk.
We still haven't walked the nature trail. It goes through the woods. It's 1.5 miles.  Does anyone know if we need to worry about Lyme Disease in this area from ticks?  Haven't had any ticks yet, but Mama wonders if it is okay for us to go on the nature trail.

I am having the best time here!!!!  

The Greyhound Who Wouldn't Mind Living At This Campground

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