Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pizza Man Is Coming Tonight!

Today is our last full day in Houston.  Mama woke up this morning thinking we were leaving today. She is all confused because she moved everything she planned to do this week up by a day. It's a good thing she did because she planned on grocery shopping tonight, but decided to change it in case Dad worked late tonight. Well, he is going to be late. They are having a good bye party for a guy and they are including Dad.  Since Dad is not going to be home and he didn't tell Mama until after she got home from grocery shopping, she decided she will order pizza tonight.

We actually had Pizza Hut on Sunday night.  Mama was disappointed in it.  She ordered that new pizza that is made with their garlic bread. She didn't like it.  She couldn't taste the garlic on the bread and it had too much sauce. 
Garlic Bread Pizza
She also ordered a Cheese Lovers with pepperoni and mushrooms.  It tasted like it had cinnamon on it.
Cheese Lovers with pepperoni and mushrooms.
Mama hadn't planned to order from them again, but they deliver and we need dinner tonight. Hopefully, the pizza will be better tonight.  She has always loved Pizza Hut.

A couple that has been here since February left today.  It was a little sad to seem them go.  Mama told her that I blogged and she thought it was funny. Funny?  Yes, she asked what I could possibly write about. Mama told her I write about all the happenings in the campground. Her eyes got really big.  I think that made her nervous. LOL

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