Saturday, July 14, 2012

Additional Clues

We are going to Ohio, but so far the city has not been guessed.  Clue #2:  Mama has told two people here where we are going and they both said "Ewww".  When asked if they had been there, they said no.  I think they said that because when you think of a vacation destination it is not as high on the list as lets say Marco Island or Washington DC.  We have never been there and we are excited to explore the city.  Clue #3:  Drew Carey grew up there.

The ducklings were in our yard when we got up this morning.  Mama thinks they are so cute.   The adults don't quack.  They make a whistling sound.  The park manager puts food out for the ducks, so there are a lot of them. We have a few pairs of mallard ducks.
Adult Black Bellied Whistling Ducks
Would you believe that our temps were in the 70's most of yesterday?  It's true!

I think the folks are going to stay close to home this weekend.  Dad wants to wax the RV. He also needs to get the oil changed on the car. Mama said she wants to go to Petco, Michaels and H.E.B.   H.E.B. is a grocery store here. She wants to buy a jar of their green salsa.  They advertise it all the time on TV.

Have a nice weekend!

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