Friday, July 27, 2012

Bye Houston! It's Been Fun!

Our travel collars are on. We are leaving Houston today. Dad has to work a half a day and then we will take off. We will spend the night in Livingston, LA. The campground has an enclosed dog area. We hope we can play off leash. It really depends on if Mama thinks it is secure enough for us.

Our stay in Houston has been a nice one. The campground was spacious. There was a lot of places for us to walk. We had two lakes that we could walk around. There was one that we could only look at for some reason. We took a few dips in the lake last week. It was my first time, but Scout is a pro at laying in water.

Views from the lake last night.

Everyone told us we would be so hot in Houston, but it was hotter at home almost the entire time. We picked a good year to leave home it appears.

Last night we had Pizza Hut. It was good this time.  Mama ordered  half Meat Lovers and half Supreme minus the green peppers.  She received a free order of Stuffed Pizza Rollers.  They have cheese and pepperoni in them.
Meat Lovers / Supreme

Stuffed Pizza Rollers
She thought the pizza rollers were okay.

We will try and update you from the road to let you know we are okay. Traveling makes us very tired, so our updates may be very brief.

Joey and Scout
The Greyhounds Who Are On The Road Again!

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