Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Had Ants In My Boot!

Yep, I had ants in my boot yesterday.  I can't remember the movie, but there is a cowboy having his feet shot at so he jumps around.That is what I looked like. Mama took my boot off and wiped the ants from my feet. That was strange.

I went to the vet yesterday for my annual vaccines. We went to Banfield Pet Hospital.  They are located inside Petsmarts.  Our vet had told Mama they were expensive. They charged about $20 more than what he charges.  However, their hours are convenient and now my records are available at any Banfield that we happen to visit.  They were very friendly. The vet asked why I was wearing a boot and Mama told her about my corn.  She had never heard of dogs having corns.  We were not surprised. It is our understanding that it is a greyhound thing. Mama showed her the information on how to remove them.  She was very interested it learning about it, so we left the information with her.  Hopefully she will learn more about it and will be able to help the next greyhound that comes in.  She gave me an exam and would you believe that she even took my temperature?  I told her that I could hold the thermometer it in my mouth, but she said she had a better way.  Ack!   Mama did not take a photo of that, thank goodness.  She gave me my shot and then I was happy.  I knew that was it.  She gave us treats.  Scout refused to eat hers, so I ate it. 

Eating my treat.

Waiting for the vet.

Scout waiting for the vet to see me.
Mama likes the convenience of Banfield while we are traveling. If we were really sick, she would try and find us a greyhound savvy vet, but for our annual vaccines this seems to be a good place for us to go.

I was exhausted after my vet visit.  The folks went out for lunch.  They ate at Willy's Ice House again. There are two places that Mama wanted to eat at again and this was one of them.  This time she had a BBQ/Cheddar Burger.
Breaded mushrooms - nicely seasoned

Dad's crawfish sandwich

Mama's BBQ/Cheddar Hamburger - it was better than it looks.
Last night, Mama fixed their Emeals meal.  It was simple.  It was just brats with chili without beans on top with cheese and onions.  Mama liked it. She has leftovers for lunch today.

The party house was quiet yesterday.  Well, there was music, but not a wild party like we expected.  The campers with their tent were gone all day. There tent blew around some in the wind. 

The folks sat outside waiting for fireworks, but came in because the mosquitoes were bad. We watched the fireworks from inside the RV.  They were very loud because the public display was just a few hours away, but Scout and I did fine.

Dad either has a cold or it's allergies.  Mama is not feeling too good this morning either. She says it could be allergies.

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