Monday, July 23, 2012

It's My First Gotcha Day!!!!!

Today is my first gotcha day.  A year ago today, I made my way from Halfway Home Greyhounds in Tulsa to Springfield, MO. In Springfield, I was picked up by two women from Greyhound Companions of Missouri. I arrived at County Animal Hospital around 3:30 p.m.  My forever family was there waiting for me. I didn't know it then, but I would be spending a lot of time at County.
This is photo that was put on Halfway Home Greyhounds website.  Mama and Dad both thought I was cute.

I was a little wound up after my long trip.  I still act like this at times.  My attention span is very short.

Me and my new sister headed home.

Wow, look at all those cars.

I'm on my way to my forever home whatever that is.
What does this thing do?

This place is crazy with stickers all over the windows.
I had never lived in a house before.  It took me the rest of the day to settle down.  I just kept walking around the entire house. Mama thought I would never just lay down.  I discovered the couch the next day.

Things went pretty well that first week, but then Mama noticed something was wrong with my leg.  She took me to the vet for just a check up and he said it looked like it was something serious.  Mama sent Jane of Greyhound Companions a note telling her what the vet said and she jumped into action. I was taken to County Animal Hospital on Monday for x-rays. It was determined that I had an infection and had severe arthritis where my hock broke.  I was put on a lot of medication that I didn't want to take. I really stressed my new Mama. It was decided that I would need to have surgery to fuse my bones together.  I had to get the infection cleared up first though.   On August 31st, I had my surgery.  
The hospital staff signed my cast. They put Joseph on my cast.  Mama calls me Joey, Joseph, Jo Jo, Mr. Joe.  Sometimes she calls me Bubba Joe.  My real name is UCME Bubba Sparks.

My first day home after surgery.

A lot of people signed my cast especially at the GCMO reunion.

I got a Cardinals name tag.
I was a pirate for Halloween.
I met Santa.
My first Christmas.

My first Super Bowl.
In March, I had the surgery to remove the plate and screws.

Me after my second surgery.
On April 29th, we set out on our HUGE adventure.

Scout and I are ready for our HUGE adventure.
Ready for take off.

Walking along the canal in Florida.

My alligator impression.

Arriving at the 5 Star resort in Naples, FL
Bully sticks!
The first nine months of my life in my new home wasn't exactly fun with my surgeries and being on restrictions for that entire time.  I caused Mama to get a lot of gray hairs.  Mama had the support and help from Greyhound Companions though.  They definitely didn't turn their backs on us when they learned I needed some serious medical care.  They made sure I had the best care.  They bought an x-pen and a soft crate for me to use while I healed.  They were simply the best to us.   We really don't know other groups that do all they do for their dogs.  Heck, even now while we are living on the road, they helped me get medicine.

I am doing great now and just have a silly corn on on my foot. I wear a boot that really helps.  It's been a crazy year for me.  I went from living on a farm to living in a motor home and traveling the country.  Life is good!

What am I doing to celebrate today?  I am going to have some pizza bones for lunch.  We didn't have that on the farm. LOL   I am just hanging out with Mama and Scout today and enjoying the good life.

The Greyhound Who Can't Believe How His Life Has Changed In A Year

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