Friday, July 6, 2012

It's Friday?

This has been a strange week with a holiday falling in the middle of the week. It doesn't seem like it can be Friday, but Mama says it is.  Fridays are hectic for us. Okay, hectic is probably not the correct word.  Mama just has more to do on Fridays.  She takes us for our morning walk no later than 5:30 a.m. and then she gets the laundry ready to go.  Dad drops her off on his way to work.  Then she walks back while it is washing. She then walks back to put it in the dryer and then she comes back and either takes us for another walk or fixes breakfast. She then goes back and gets the clothes and brings them back here and puts them away.  Then, we go for another walk.  She then showers and gets dressed.  It sounds exhausting, doesn't it? LOL  In the afternoon, we clean so that the place looks nice for the weekend, but it never looks clean longer than Saturday afternoon.  We do not know what happens, but it always looks trashed on the weekends.  Tonight, the folks will go grocery shopping.

The tent campers left yesterday. Check out is 11 a.m., but they left at 1 p.m.  I'm sure they were not impressed staying here. It is really not a campground.  It is a RV park.  There is a difference. 95% of the people who stay here are long term people.  We do not have a shower house which is unusual even for a RV park.  It doesn't matter to the folks because they shower in the RV, but a lot of weekend campers use a shower house instead of their camper shower.

Banfield called yesterday to follow up on me to make sure I was doing okay after my vaccine. We were surprised they did that because we don't think our vet even does that.  My surgeon does, but not my regular vet.

Mama said to smile, so I am.

LOL, I'm so funny!

Made you laugh!

Time to attack the hedgehog.

A baby panda is making noise on the TV, very strange.
Last night, Mama fixed Baked Tilapia with Tomatoes and Olives. Yes, she is not a fan of fish, but it was on the Emeal menu and she can tolerate Tilapia normally.  We only got a small taste of it because it had garlic and onions, but it was good. Mama said it was good because it had so much stuff on it that she couldn't taste the Tilapia.

 2-4 tilapia filets (cooking spray, salt)
1 Roma tomato, chopped
1 can olives, drained
½ c chopped white onion
(¼ c olive oil, ¼ t red pepper flakes,
2 T bottled minced garlic, 1 T lime juice)

In greased 9x13” baking dish, place tilapia filets. Season with salt. Combine tomato, olives, onion, olive oil, pepper flakes, minced garlic, lime juice and spoon mixture over fillets. Bake uncovered, 20 min at 400°.

She added grated Parmesan Cheese to it because she thought that sounded good.

The full meal, steamed green beans, garlic mashed potatoes and the Tilapia.
The folks may visit President George Bush Presidential Library and Museum tomorrow.  This is Bush Sr's library.  It is located in College Station, TX which is about 90 minutes from us.  They visited the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum in Abilene and loved it. Mama didn't think she would, but it was very interesting. She hopes President Bush's library and museum is as nice.  Dad told her to find a place to eat in College Station, so she will be reading reviews today and drooling over the menus.

Have a nice day!

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