Monday, July 16, 2012

A Weekend Of Re-Visits

This was the first weekend that the folks didn't go sightseeing.  It was a cloudy and rainy weekend. We have had rain for the past ten days. Dad decided to wax the RV in between the rain. Well, he waxed one side of it.  Mama went shopping. She shopped at Joanne's Fabric and Crafts. She bought more yarn for dish clothes and hot pads. How may do we need? LOL  She also visited Petco, Petsmart and the grocery store, H.E.B.  She bought that green salsa she has been wanting to try. She is not impressed. Actually, she said she has had a dry mouth since she ate it on chips and that was two days ago. It is HOT!  She likes it on breakfast burritos though.

The folks decided to re-visit their favorite restaurants here. Saturday night, they ate at Sawgrass Steak House.   Mama ordered the same thing she ordered the last time and she didn't think it was as good. She now thinks if you think something is the best you have ever had, maybe you shouldn't go back.
Saltgrass Steak House on Urbanspoon
Inside Sawgrass Steak House
Breaded Mushrooms - a little overdone

Rib Eye with garlic butter and Loaded Baked Potatoe
We tasted the Rib Eye and we thought it was excellent. We think Mama is a little nuts. Dad thought his was just as good as the first time.

Yesterday, they decided to go back Pappasito's Catina.  This is the Mexican place that Dad thinks is the best they have had in Houston.  Mama loved their green salsa the first time, but this time, she didn't like it. They serve their red salsa warm. She liked that one.
Salsas and Chips

Pappasito’s Famous Burrito
with sour cream & chipotle sauce - the sour cream is the white on the burrito

Dad's plate - not sure what it is . It's a combination. Mama had to snap the photo quick because it embarrasses Dad to have photos of his food taken.
Mama's burrito had steak and beans in it. Mama said the steak was awesome!   How does this compare to Los Cucos that Mama decided last week was the best Mexican place in Houston?  Mama says it is really hard for her to decide. Papa's is definitely more expensive. Papa's was almost $20 for her meal. Los Cucos was $13. Papas probably was the best, but Los Cucos is a very close second.
Pappasito's Cantina on Urbanspoon
This is the covered outside sitting area at Pappa's. It stormed while they were there, so it's a good thing no one was sitting there since it all got wet.

Last night, they decided to try Wings N More. It is a sports bar. They decided to start out with an appetizer.  It was not breaded mushrooms. Can you believe that? It was fried pickles. Mama had fried pickles years ago at a place call Hatfields And McCoys.  They served everything fried.  It was back when she could eat shrimp and she had good memories of it. 
Fried Pickles
Mama said the pickles were different, but she wouldn't order them again.

The both ordered the combo plate which had hot wings and tenders. Mama had slaw.  Dad had potato salad.  Mama's slaw was a little dry. Dad said the potato salad was very good.  Mama liked the wings. They were fried and then dipped in hot sauce. The tenders were good. She chose honey mustard and chipotle ranch as her dipping sauces. They did not bring us any leftovers.

This weekend is the dog show. The folks already have their meals planned out.  LOL  They are going back to the place that they saw on Food Network, but was closed when they arrived.  It is on the way to the dog show. Sunday, they will try out Crabby Daddy's. The reviews are not very good, but Dad said they have been other places that didn't have the best reviews and it ended up being good.

Oh, my goodness!  There is so much to do in Cleveland. Mama already has our weekends planned. We will tell you more about that later.

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