Friday, October 17, 2008

Swimming Season Is Over

I love the cooler weather and so do the dogs, but Scout is sad that her pool has been put away. She loves to run laps in the yard and then jump in her pool. The girl loves water. It seems like wherever we camped this summer, Scout was able to find water to play in.

Jack on the other hand, does not care for the water and it took him most of the summer to just get in enough to get his feet wet. He actually tried to go a little further once and he stepped in a hole and he thought he was going to go under. It took him a long time before he would get in the water again.

Scout doesn't realize that winter will be here soon and she will once again be able to run in the snow. She loves doing snow zoomies and so does Jack.

We Are No Longer RVers

Our motorhome has new owners. They took ownership of it today.  They are probably reading through all the manuals and trying out all the...