Sunday, October 19, 2008

Meet and Greet

Scout and I just returned from a meet & greet with our greyound group, Greyhound Companions. A meet and greet is where we education the public on greyhounds. I'm sure you have seen them. We are in the pet stores with out pets and fosters that are waiting for homes.

Scout is an excellent promo dog, in my opinion. She loves people and greets everyone who comes near our area. She lays down when the crowd is gone and never whines. She stayed the entire three hours without a complaint. She is such a calm, relaxed girl.

Jack stayed home today and watched football with Daddy. Jack loves people, but he grows tired quickly at meet and greets and whines because he wants to get back to his couch at home.

Scout is now sleeping and I suspect she will have a "meet and greet hangover" tomorrow. It usually takes her a full day recovering from her promos.

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