Monday, October 27, 2008

We just returned from a weekend camping trip at Meramec State Park. It's a park that we normally camp at a few times each season, but the park had flooding problems this year. We were not able to get everyone together until this past weekend.

Many of the campers had their campsites decorated for Halloween. We were really surprised by how many decorated and to the extent that they went to with their decorations. We also decorated our sites and even had a few kids who came by for candy.

The pups really had a nice time. They had their skin cousins to pet them and they, of course, walked around the campground getting lots of attention.

We had four sites and were basically in a square. We used the middle as our central area. Since it was on a cool side at night, we had a hot chocolate area that everyone enjoyed.

We used a roaster for the first time camping and made chili the first night. The next night, we used to make baked potatoes. It worked out really well.

Grandpa planned out scavenger hunts for the kids and that kept them busy for a few hours on Saturday. We rode our bikes searching for clues. It was a lot of fun and good for the kids to learn to read instructions and pay attention to details. I recommend this activity for kids.

This was probably our last "family" camping trip of the year, but Jeff and I and the pups will go out a few more times.

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