Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jack's Bio

I've already written quite a bit about my dogs, but I thought I should properly introduce them.

Jack was born on January 3, 2004 in Kansas. He had a short career of only eight races. He came in second twice. His last race was on 10/27/2005. We do not know his whereabouts from that time until about March of 2006.

Jack was found in a barn along with 24 other abandoned greyhounds. The barn was about to be torn and before it was bulldozed, it was checked. They found the 25 greyhounds that were left for dead. I am not sure how long they had been left there. Five of the greys were brought to St. Louis on Easter weekend. Jack was put in a foster home along with his half brother, Woody.

My husband and I met Jack at a Petco meet and greet. I was not interested in a male or a brindle. I really wanted the little fawn girl that was there, but since she wouldn't potty on lead, she was not right for us as we did not have a fenced yard at that time. A few days later, the group called and asked us if we wanted to participate in a parade with the greys. We said yes and I walked Jack. We were amazed that Jack was not scared of the bands, fire engines or other loud noises from a parade. He loved the kids. We decided that he was the dog for us. We planned on waiting a few weeks, but circumstances changed and my husband had to travel for an unknown amount of time. I didn't want to be home alone, so Jack came to us immediately.

We changed Jack's name from his racing name because we wanted to give him a brand new start on life. Also, his foster mom called him Ricky and that is my brother-in-law's name. I don't think he would like a dog being called his name.

Jack is such a funny guy. He makes me laugh every day. He prances when he walks. He loves his stuffies and throws them up in the air and catches them. He loves to hear them squeak. Jack loves to move me along when I'm walking down the hall of our house. I guess I don't move fast enough for him. He head butts me in the behind. He gets so excited when my husband gets home from work that he can't control himself... I mean, he has to run. We do not encourage this and it usually ends up in him getting yelled at. Zoomies are not safe in the house. Jack broke through a wall once. Yikes! So, we discourage running in the house now. Jack is such a joy to us. I can't imagine a better dog.

I just found out yesterday that Jack's real Daddy... TalentedMrripley lives at the Greyhound Hall of Fame in Abilene, KS. We hope to take a trip to Abilene next year and meet him.

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