Thursday, October 2, 2008

Roomba Is Going Camping

I am planning on taking my Roomba camping. I wonder if anyone has every done this before?
I'm not a neat freak, really, I'm not. However, we are going camping for seven days and I don't think I can handle all the dirt that will be in the motor home over that period of time. There are 10 feet bringing in dirt and then you add in the food crumbs from the dogs... it drives me crazy after just four days of camping. I don't think I can handle seven days.

I mentioned bringing Roomba and my husband just rolled his eyes. "Can't you just use a broom?" he said. "A broom just doesn't work as well", I said. He got the broom out and demonstrated, but I was not impressed.

I think I will just sneak her in and by the time we arrive at the campground, it will be too late.

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