Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jack thought he was attacked by a chiluahua!

Last week at this time we were enjoying our vacation at Table Rock Lake. It is near Branson, MO.

Whenever we camp, my husband and I are on full alert of the dogs in the campground. It seems like there is always one owner who does not think they have to follow the rules which is to keep your dog under control at all times. We seem to run into this problem with people who have small dogs. Sorry, but that's been our experience. I guess small dogs owners do not think their dogs can do any harm and they seem to think it is funny for their small dogs to chase our big dogs. It's just not a smart thing. Think about it, small dog vs. a big dog's mouth. Our dogs are very docile, but I definitely wouldn't take a chance if I had a small dog. Back to my story... we were walking Jack and Scout and this chiluahua who had been tormenting our dogs all weekend started barking at us. It's owner laughed and told him to "Get them!" She was joking, I think, but the dog got loose. I yelled "IT'S LOOSE!" We immediately went into defense mode with our dogs. You may wonder what damage a little dog can do to a greyhound. It can do a lot of damage. Greyhounds skin is very thin and easily torn. A little bite can lead to stitches. My husband grabbed unto Jack's collar and then he grabbed his back end because Jack was on two legs and trying to back out of his collar because this small dog that looked like a rat to him was at his feet. When my husband grabbed Jack's behind, Jack thought he had been bite by the dog. I guess he thought the dog jumped on his butt. He started screaming as if to say "I'VE BEEN HIT, I'VE BEEN HIT!" The owner of the dog didn't even come and get the dog until my husband brought it to her. Grrrr! My husband told Jack that he screamed like a little girl. Poor Jack, he really thought that he was a goner. We stayed away from that area of the campground after that and Jack seemed to regain his confidence.

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