Thursday, October 23, 2008

Scout's Bio

Scout is an Oklahoma girl. She was born on November 19, 2005.

Scout had a career ending injury, well that's what we tell people. She has a foot injury and we do not think she ever raced. She has the tattoos, but nothing shows up concerning racing for her. Plus, the only name that shows up is "Scout". She's kind of like Cher, she only has one name.

We decided that we wanted a companion for Jack. He loves other greys and always seemed sad after meet and greets. We contacted our group and they started searching for a grey for us.
We were told about three greys and Scout seemed to be the best match for us. We were sent her photo and I spoke with her foster mom in Oklahoma a few times.

She came to us on September 29, 2007. It seemed to take her a little longer to settle in than Jack. She was not completely house broken even though she had been in foster care for a while. It seemed like forever, but after two months she was house broken. Jack came to us knowing the rules of a house and while Scout did not. I guess I was spoiled by Jack.

Scout really didn't know about toys when she arrived, but now she enjoys them. She loves to run. The girl runs laps in the yard and at times she turns her head to look at me as she flies by as if to say "LOOK AT ME, MAMA!"

She is not destructive, but the girl loves shoes. She collects shoes and rugs. She's so funny with her little collection.

Scout's foster mom told me that all Scout wanted was for someone to love her and I believe that is true. She is very affectionate and loves hugs, kisses and belly rubs. It has taken her a while to figure out how to position her body to land where she wants it to so she can get her belly rubs, but she's much better than when she first arrived. LOL Her aim used to be way off which caused me to laugh and for her to get upset.

We've come a long way in a year. A few months ago, I had a long talk with Scout and said to her "You know, this is your forever, ever home and you will never leave, right?" She responded with an enthusiastic kiss. I guess she knows.
I keep in touch with both Scout and Jack's foster Moms. Jack sees his foster Mom at our greyhound group's functions. Scout's foster Mom lives in Oklahoma, so I email her photos of Scout and let her know how she is doing.

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