Saturday, October 11, 2008


Camping is supposed to be relaxing, right? It was very relaxing except that we could not get CBS to come in on our TV. How could I relax knowing that I was going to miss Survivor on Thursday night?

I brought along a radio that also picks up TV stations. The main reason I brought it was it is also a weather radio. Our last camping trip had us without TV reception during a storm and I was really scared not knowing what was happening. I was prepared this time for the weather. I started trying to tune CBS in on our TV when we arrived at Roaring River State Park on Tuesday. Our satellite worked, but local stations were not picked up. We ate at the park restaurant, so I asked the waitress which channel was CBS. She told me it was channel 10, but it would not come in on the TV no matter what I did to the roof antenna. I finally accepted that I was going to miss Survivor. I decided to give it one more try with the radio. I was able to tune in Channel 10 as long as I placed it on the roof of the picnic table and the wind did not blow and birds did not fly over. I told my husband that we would have to sit outside since it would not tune in if we were inside. He did not seem amused.

Thursday night came and to my surprise we could see a fuzzy picture on CBS. It kept going in and out though. I tuned in the radio and it also worked inside. Could it be that they power up the signal for Survivor? My husband and I took our places, but soon found that we had to sit certain ways or the TV lost it's signal. I had to hold my right arm up in the air and he couldn't let his feet touch the ground. I know it sounds strange, but whenever we moved, we lost our signal. It was a very long hour, but we were able to kind of see our Survivor sitting in our assigned way. It was such a relief when the show was over. I wanted to watch CSI, but decided it just wasn't worth it. I will catch it on re-runs.

I'm so glad we are home again and we can watch TV like normal people.

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