Friday, October 17, 2008

A Week Of Phone Problems - Okay A Half Of A Week

It seems like I'm always having problems with my phone and Internet service... just ask my best friend. LOL

Wednesday, road work was being done on the road next to mine. They cut my phone line. They fixed it on Wednesday and I was happy. Yesterday, my phone went dead again. I figured the repair was just temporary and the real fix was being made. The phone man actually came to my house to check on me because I did not answer the phone. He said that he received my service call just that morning and knew it was supposed to already be fixed. He checked on it and it was all messed up. He fixed it yesterday. Everything was fine until my neighbor started making phone calls this morning. I can hear him. He received a call from the phone company asking if he was satisfied with his service and he hung up. He is now on the Internet. The only thing I can hear now is his modem. I called the phone company and and the representative said she could hear it too, so a repairman will be out today. I am pleasantly surprised that they are rushing out today.

I just put some makeup on. I may have scared the repairman yesterday when he showed up at my door. LOL

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