Friday, October 17, 2008

Thought It Was Fixed...

The phone man called and said my lines were crossed, but he fixed it. I made a call about an hour later and I could hear a man having a conversation on my line. He told the guy he was speaking with that someone was on the line. They decided their lines were crossed. I told him to call the phone company, but he didn't respond to me. The phone rep just told me that it's whoever is on the phone first who can hear the conversation. He probably could hear me dialing.
So, we both yelled out that if he's listening to call the phone company. LOL

The phone man called as I'm typing this and he doesn't understand how the lines can still be crossed, but he will try and get it fixed today. I hope the other guy calls in to the phone company today because it will make it easier to figure out who I'm crossed with.

The good thing is that they are actively working on the problem. The last time I had a problem, extreme static, it took a week for someone to come out.

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