Friday, October 17, 2008

Phases of Scout

Scout seems to go through a lot of phases. She recently decided that she was scared of crickets. We live in the country, there are crickets everywhere! I think she is scared of the noise they make and not the cricket itself. We had one living in the garage. We have to pass through the garage to get to the backyard. If she heard the cricket in the garage, she would immediately run back in the house. I ended up having to put a leash on her to lead her through the garage.

Then, she decided she was scared of our motor home. The motor home is parked next to the fence so she can see it from the fenced yard. She would be fine and then she would look up and see the motor home and run back in the house.

Her latest phase isn't being scared of something, but a new discovery. She has discovered that we have ceilings. She is constantly look up as she walks. She just stares at the ceilings. She even looks at the ceiling in the garage. I'm not sure what has brought on this recent phase, but she needs to be careful and watch where she walks instead of looking up.

Scout will be three next month and still is puppy-like in her explorations. She makes me laugh, but I have to try and not let her see me laugh. I hurt her feelings when I laugh at her. She's a sensitive gal.

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