Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Bed In The Kitchen? Well, Of Course!

I like laying in the kitchen by the patio door.  I have done that since I moved here and finally, Mama decided to move a bed there for me so that I don't have to lie on the hard floor.  Thanks, Mama!  She said she will put more foam in it so that it's more comfortable.  It's an old bed and needs a little more fluff.
Robin commented yesterday that I didn't have my bad foot down in my photo with Santa.  Mama said she hadn't even noticed.  I had been standing for quite a while before my photo session, so I think I was just tired. I am doing much better than last week.  Mama has now upgraded me from a C to a B grade.  Last Friday, Mama noticed that I was licking my bad leg and when Daddy came home from work and he walked me, he said I appeared to be in pain.  Mama decided to give me some additional pain medication (the doctor said it was okay) and I started walking on my foot without being told to do so.  I even started walking on all four feet in the house some.  I guess I'm walking on all four feet in the house about 50 to 60% of the time now and that makes Mama very happy.  I actually ran in the house the other day, but Mama said I shouldn't be running.  It did kind of hurt, so I quit doing that.  I'm walking pretty normal outside now.  I walk at a normal pace without a limp, so that's really good.  I just need to work on walking on all four feet in the house all the time and I will be set.  We have a hill in our backyard, so I've been walking up that to strengthen the leg.  We are going to try and decrease my medication a little bit today to see how I do.  It may be too soon, but we will see.  My leg is still pink but that's because I still don't have a lot of hair on my leg.  My sores are almost healed.  I guess it still might look a little nasty to someone who hasn't seen it before, but it's looking much better than it looked two weeks ago.  I am definitely doing much better than a week ago, so we are very happy here!

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