Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Practicing For Our Christmas Photos

Mama is not sure she will be able to get a good photo of us together for our Christmas photo. She took a few practice shots yesterday and these were the results.

Mama has been debating buying a new Christmas tree.  She donated our old one last year when we moved.  She found one she likes at the store and has been thinking about buying it.  However, she is worried that Joey will mark it.  He's been really good, but we haven't had a tree in our house.  Someone threw an artificial wreath in the field next to our house and Joey loves to "mark" it.  It's really making her wonder if she should chance a tree this year.  Mama is really the only one who cares about a tree and decorations.  I think they are just clutter and I bet Joey will think everything is a toy.

The Greyhound Who Hopes She Doesn't Have To Wear Antlers For Her Photo

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